Ask Us Anything

Does Rollor Packaging really work?

Absolutely. We guarantee that everything between and below the ridges remains wrinkle-free! Request your free sample and see for yourself.

Will this align with our shipping process?

Implementing new packaging surely will not always be the easiest thing to do.  To guarantee efficient implementation, our Rollor designers will visit your workplace in order to integrate the Rollor Packaging in your shipping process as efficiently as possible. We will guide you through the entire process.

How is the Packaging delivered?

Your Rollor Packaging is stacked on 1800 x 1200 mm pallets. These pallets have the same depth as standard Euro pallets. This way they can be stored in the same racks with your other goods.

How soon can Rollor supply?

Packaging that we have in stock can be send instantly. For custom orders the delivery time is set between 6-8 weeks.

Can I customize my packaging?

Rollor Packaging is fully customisable. Add your logo, print in full colour. You may like to add an additional handle if required. Everything is possible. The Rollor Design Studio likes to work together towards suitable solutions. Contact us to discuss the options.

Is Rollor Packaging fit for every type of fashion?

From jeans to dresses and from curtains to wetsuits. Everything that will fit beneath the ridges will arrive wrinkle free! Our different sizes make sure there is a Rollor Packaging for everything. Do you require different applications for Rollor Packaging? Please contact us!

Do you supply worldwide?

Close collaboration with Smurfit Kappa enables us to produce our packaging across all continents. Contact us to find the nearest facilities.

How many pieces of clothing will fit in my Rollor?

Our rule of thumb is: if the garments do not exceed the height of the ridges, the garments are protected. Multiple pieces of garments will quickly exceed this limit. In that case please contact us.

Can I put a hanger in my Rollor Packaging?

It is not possible to put a traditional hanger in our boxes. We offer 2 alternatives to our customers: one is to use our cardboard rollable hanger. This hanger can be printed in any design. Some clients use an extra shipment box around the Rollor to add a hanger, garment bag and other goods.

Can I license Rollor Technology?

Contact us!