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How can Rollor Packaging help your business?

Using Rollor Packaging to ship items sold via your e-commerce business has significant benefits. On one hand it gives your customers a unique unpacking experience and, on the other, it gives you the chance to use sustainable packaging which saves both the planet and costs.

How sustainable is Rollor Packaging?

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and bears the FSC Certified Paper Label, meaning that the material has come from well-managed forests, recycled material, or controlled woods. No plastic fillers are needed. Rollor Packaging is more efficient and your items will be ready to wear on arrival.

Can I add my logo to the packaging?

Rollor Packaging can be customised, meaning that you can add your logo or full colour printing. You can even add an extra handle. The possibilities are actually endless. The Rollor Design Studio can help customers find the perfect solution so please contact us to discuss the various options.

Can you ship worldwide?

Rollor Packaging is produced worldwide and can be shipped anywhere.

How soon can Rollor Packaging be delivered?

Generally, production time takes up to 8 weeks, after which the Rollor Packaging will be ready for shipping.

How is the Rollor Packaging delivered?

Rollor Packaging is stacked flat on pallets for ease of delivery and storage.

Is the Rollor Packaging ready to be shipped on when it arrives, or will I need outer packaging?

Upon arrival the Rollor Packaging is ready to be shipped on. All you need to do is add a shipping label and your items will arrive in perfect condition.

Is Rollor Packaging suitable for any type of fashion or fabric item?

From jeans to dresses and from curtains to wetsuits. There is a Rollor Packaging for any product. Please contact us if you require a customised solution

Can I license Rollor Technology?

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